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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Molly Was Attacked By A Coyote!

Initially I was ready to tell you about our first spring flower popping up, but I had to take the morning walk with Molly. Since the weather is beautiful I decided extending the walk over the Golf Course, which is still closed for players after the winter.
Dogs are allowed off-leash and we are usually walking there quite often.
So with Molly off-leash she was lagging about 150ft behind, when I suddenly heard her scream.
Turning around I saw a big coyote right beside her. Now it was my turn to scream. I screamed “MOLLY come back”, which scared the Coyote to start running. AND MOLLY GAVE CHASE!!!! I screamed again and finally got her to stop following the coyote. When she came back I gave her a bear hug touching her right front leg. That’s when she gave another scream. The coyote had tried to bite her in the leg, but there was no blood. Molly was OK. Looking up I saw the coyote still lingering 300ft away. I waved my arms like crazy screaming at him. He retracted into the bushes, but re-appeared again after I turned my back to him, starting to walk Molly, now on the leash, he came after us. This coyote wasn’t easy to intimidate.

Finally, I picked up some pace putting a bigger distance between us. being about 6-700ft. away I turned around. The coyote was still sitting in the open looking at our direction.

Molly was now walking right beside my feet.

Of course, I didn’t have my phone with me, so I couldn’t get a picture of the beast, and quite frankly, my thoughts were not at taking any pictures at the moment.

There are an estimated more than 400 wild roaming coyotes living around Edmonton, and especially along the river valley.  Coyote attacks have happened before to both dogs and humans. Some times they appear in groups of 5-7 animals. And that’s when it gets really dangerous.

Coming home I was totally out of breath and had to tell Bea about our encounter.
Molly is now sleeping off the excitement. I don’t think she would know the difference between a coyote and just another dog. For me it was a scary experience.

Oh… and here is our first spring flower:


  1. That was a close call, like you said they can be very dangerous when in packs.
    Glad you and Molly are ok.

  2. Oh my, how awful for you. Like you said, Molly likey doesn't know the difference between a dog and a coyote. I hope she isn't too traumatized. I know you are. I hope her leg is alright.

  3. How scary! So glad she's okay... and you, too. I didn't know coyotes were so aggressive around humans.

  4. Just goes to show how fast things can happen. Good thing you were right there & I can well imagine the feeling you had inside when you saw that taking place. Best wished for Molly & hoping her leg is alright.

  5. That is so scary. And I'm so happy my pretty Molly is okay. We have coyotes outside our park occasionally but Jim is able to scare them off and scoop Scooter up to keep her safe.

  6. How dangerous that is and how scary. I'm so glad nothing else happened. I'm sure you'll never turn your back to her again and carry a big stick! If there were more coyotes there, you both might have been in trouble.

  7. What a terrible sight to see a coyote going after Molly. Carrying a big stick sounds like a great idea. Maybe mace if you can get it there. I can't imagine what would have happened if it were 5-7 coyotes. Be careful!

  8. A Tarus 45/410 would "discourage" any yote. ;-)

  9. Very happy that Molly is safe and sound! Good thinking as to frightening the coyote away.

  10. Sounds a bit scary:( I recently read a book called "The Grey" about the survivors of an Alaskan plane crash being hunted by a Wolf pack. Long story short all but one of the crash survivors were killed by the pack!

  11. That is every fuzzybutt parents nightmare! Hugs to sweet Molly!🐶

  12. That is every fuzzybutt parents nightmare! Hugs to sweet Molly!🐶

  13. OMG, that's so scary. I'm glad Molly is okay - I'm so afraid of coyotes with Katie because she is so small. That coyote would have carried her away. Thank goodness Molly is a big dog. Must have scared you half to death! Poor thing, I hope her leg is okay. :)

  14. Scary! I'm glad you and your dog are okay.


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