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Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Earth has exploded

April Fools Day

We almost believed that Prescott, AZ had received 12 inches of snow, but then we remembered which day we have today. It’s April Fools Day! Another hoax, this one was too exotic to be believed. mentioned that the Earth has exploded. Yeah right!


We have been spending the morning with unpacking the rig and carrying everything into the house. But then, around noon, the weather was too nice to go on with that and we relaxed sitting outside in the sun. The night had been a cold one with harsh frost, but now we had a blue sky and almost no wind, which is a rarity out here.


After lunch we took a walk with Molly in the Roosevelt Campobello Int’l Park and along the beach. We marveled at the changes the sea had done to the shore line. Trees had fallen off the cliff and sand has been washed away in some places. Atlantic winter storms can be fierce here along the Bay of Fundy.

DSC_0008-mi DSC_0020-mi

While we have been busy, Molly has been racing around the property and I had to go looking for her twice this morning. After her 2. excursion into the wilderness I put her on her 20ft. rope. Guess the homely odors got to be too much for her to resist exploring them.

DSC_0024-mi DSC_0025-mi

We also found time to read in blog-land and were saddened to read about the Bayfield Bunch’s loss. Little Cora, alias Motor Mouse, has gone to dog heaven.

Quite a few RV-bloggers are now on their way home. We hope everyone has a safe travel. Yesterday’s accident along Maine Hwy 1A was a stark reminder of that our lives are fragile.

Have a great week and thanks again for stopping by!

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