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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Dry And High

When the sun shines on a Saturday I can’t sitt inside and watch it. And eve though the mercury showed pretty low temps today (-16C) I dressed appropriately and ventured out to the pile of wood I had produced yesterday. I was planning another “round stack”. So I went about it and even though it took a bit longer than the video below is showing, I got it all done within 2 1/2hrs. This way of stacking firewood has the advantage that the stack is self-supporting and stabile against the ever blowing winds. And since the wind can penetrate the stack the wood gets the best conditions for seasoning. Besides of all that, it is more fun to make these round stacks and they can easily be covered with tarps. Short video below.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Day In January

January on Campobello can be everything from snowy and cold to extremely mild and rainy, or any mix there off. What never fails is a prediction of strong winds. And sometimes the wind can reach devastating powers, toppling trees and peeling off of roof shingles.
When the winds get furious we like to take a trip around to experience the island weather.
Depending on which direction the wind is blowing from, the views can be spectacular.
While driving Rte. 774 towards Wilson’s Beach we came across a tree leaning across the road. The only thing holding it back was the power line. And the power went out as the tree hit the power line. Since the power company has no office on Campobello, they need to cross through the U.S. before they can start repairs. This time it took a total of 5 hrs before power was restored.

Down at Liberty Point, dramatic views offered themselves across the Bay of Fundy.

The wild waves drew long tails of foamy water behind. The noise of the wind and the crashing waves was impressive. Living on Campobello year-long is a never-ending adventure.
Weather has been the basic ingredient for how life has been going on for generations. Right now it is scallop season. Scores of fishing vessels are out on the bay – not the Fundy Bay today, but the more protected Passamaquoddy Bay. Being able to uphold fisheries is paramount to continued life on Campobello.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

From Russia With Love

A while back I read a novel about a U.S. President who was a Russian mole. Never in my wildest fantasies could I imagine that something similar would happen one day. We are now about to witness it, unless he’d be stopped in his tracks.
The full INTEL report:

The two most sensitive parts of it below.
1-Fullscreen capture 1112017 91805 AM1-Fullscreen capture 1112017 91835 AM   Congratulations America. You chose a pervert for president.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Toy Or Tool?

So you got yourself a new toy”, Bea said just when a big chunk of spruce cracked open. 
TOY?   This is a tool and comes in much handy, I thought  but said nothing.  I had to take a trip to St.Stephen today to pick up my “NUTCRACKER”, aka log-splitter.
1-20170110_1314471-20170110_144906 1-DSC_1112
I had been thinking of buying one quite often, but postponed it again and again. Now there was a good offer for this 5ton splitter and I went and got it.  It splits pieces up to 20 inch long and 12 inch diameter or even bigger if not too hard.
1-DSC_1116The thing is quite heavy but I got it on top of an old wooden table providing a good working height.  So will I retire my axe? No, I won’t.
The axe is still a faster tool for small and straight chunks, but I won’t have to gruel for taking on the bigger hard-to-split piece anymore.

And what else was going on today?
It was the start of the Scalloping season.
We counted 15 boats out on the bay today. And the weather was gorgeous for that. No wind and a sunny day.

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