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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Only A Year Ago I Would Have Taken Molly Along On This Walk

This would have been her favorite walk along the beach. She would have been riding on the rear seat of the convertible and then we would have strolled along this beautiful part of Herring Cove Beach. But now she was sleeping inside the house and I left her behind.
It was low tide when I got to the beach and large areas of seaweeds were exposed. The beach seemed so incredibly wide.
I climbed a rock which under a springtide often turns into a little rocky island.
It is strange how climbing a little elevation is changing the view.
A stiff warm westerly breeze made the pine trees above sing their sharply swishing melody.
The dark blue of the sea seemed to go on forever. 40 miles across the sea and one would land on the south-east coast of Nova Scotia.
Looking along Raccoon Beach, the cliffs are marked of erosion.
Storm waves have been licking along the cliff side taking away soil and making big trees topple over.
It is hard to find the right words for what I feel along this beach, but it is relaxation and a big calm and a great peace.

Friday, August 26, 2016

A Day Off, Yet Keeping Busy

No reservation today so I had myself a leisurely start of the day. After enjoying coffee on the porch I got myself into the brambles. 
Yup--- blackberry brambles that is. We are having the biggest harvest of blackberries I have ever seen. They can almost be picked like grapes. 
I have already frozen many bags of blackberries, but today was time to make jelly. After boiling the berries and separating the juice I added sugar. The sweetened juice needs now to be brought to a roiling boil, until the juice doesn’t run off a spoon anymore. In the past we have added pectin but have all but abandoned that practice
While the juice was boiling I heated water to sterilize the jars. The result of all that work was 5 jars of nice blackberry jelly.
The action was followed by some lawn mowing and some office work.
Driftwood Art at Jocie’s Porch
Since it was Friday, we went to Jocie’s Porch for some music listening.
Friar’s Bay is always showing a wonderful sunset, and of course, I had to take some pictures again.

The other day, while I was waiting for my passengers to return to the bus, I took a walk through the Roosevelt Park at the Visitor Center. Again they have done an excellent job with all the flowers.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hospital Express In Style

This morning, I got an email from friends out west, and the message was alarming. We had met Dave and Irene in Southern California and gotten to be friends. A couple of days ago Dave had complained about his chest feeling tight. Irene, who is a nurse,
called 911 right away and Dave got to the hospital in time where he got 2 stents. Dave got lucky and he is home again.

The story reminded me of my father’s heart encounter in 2005. But Dad was kind of picky with what kind of transportation he chose. When mom called emergency she accidentally had the number of the police. (Germany has no 911) But those guys understood an emergency when they were told one. After understanding that Dad and mom were living 12 km out on the countryside, they radioed a chopper which happened to be in the air. Well, the medical team also happened to be onboard,so they flew a little detour and landed in a field right by my parent’s house.
So yeah....Dad took the chopper to the hospital. Just too bad he doesn't remember all that glamour. After all, mom told us the entire neighbourhood had been watching as the celebrity was shoved into the chopper. 

Well, then next day he was sitting bolt upright in his bed and wondered just what the hell had happened. That's my Dad, folks and his story. And Bea and I happened to be in San Francisco on our way south for our first snow-birding adventure.


Dad had only flown once before in his life - when he was a soldier in an old tin can of a Junkers 52, which was called Auntie Ju. (Tante Ju)

By the way, at an age of 91 Dad is still doing fine, now in a nursing home.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

It Might Have Been Her Last long Walk Along The Lonely Beach

It was one of those days you would want to make a copy of and look at it every morning. And it didn’t really start out all that wonderful, which was the reason why I fired up the chainsaw for cutting up a stack of firewood. Even though the temperature stayed under 68F throughout the morning, I managed working up a sweat. But the air was quite dry and fresh and when the sun came out after lunch it was downright wonderful.
After me having a few quiet hours of relaxation, a quickly baked blackberry cake and a short shopping trip,  Bea got home from work. We had to try that new blackberry cake and it was very, very good. At around 3:30pm I gave in to a hankering for a walk along lower Duck-Pond Beach.
It’s the most lonely of all beaches on Campobello and I always found it most inspiring to gaze across the water over to Maine and the shoreline of Lubec, where West-Quoddy Lighthouse marks the most eastern Point of the United States.
Since I planned on taking Molly along, I chose the van for the short trip, as she can’t get into the Buick anymore, yes, Molly is now nearly 14 years old and we are sad to say that she is getting weak. 1-20160820_1523031-20160820_151931
Her hind legs are often giving in and she has developed a new habit with drinking copious amounts of water. We have seen the vet about it, but her urine-and blood samples haven’t shown any illness. We used to do many beach- and forest walks with Molly but have been hesitant lately due to her weak hind legs and general slow-down. Yet, I wanted to give it a try today, mainly to see how she would be doing on a longer walk. 
It may have been her last extended walk. 
It wasn’t that she didn’t follow me or that she wasn’t interested in investigating all the beach treasures, she even walked out into the water to cool off, but I noticed she was panting a lot. I had taken water from home and at the turn-around I poured some into a bowl. After a while she drank a little, but didn’t seem very thirsty at this point. So we began the return walk and it went OK until we were back at the van. As soon as she noticed the van she was eager to get in. We have a ramp for her to enter the vehicle. And once she was inside she lay down between the front seats and didn’t touch the water I offered her.
Of course we are getting very worried about Molly. It is hard to comprehend that we have had her nearly 14 years, which is the entire time we have been in Canada, and that we have to face up to the fact that the day we have to say Good Bye to her is getting close. If she/we are lucky we might have her another year – you just never know. What I do know is that it is going to be a very, very sad time for both of us.

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